Bypass barn door hardware diy

bypass barn door hardware diy

Your order is processing Please do not press the back button or refresh the page. Free shipping applies to most products. Interior Wood Doors. Wood Front Doors. Home Decor. Office Desks. Office Furniture. Absolutely right. Introducing bypass barn doors.

bypass barn door hardware diy

Bypass brackets allow your doors to slide in front of and behind each other as double sliding doors. And better yet, you can install them yourself! In the case of bypass sliding doors, you probably want your opening to be, at minimum, the width of the door opening.

Go ahead and mount the header board with 8 trim screws in each stud location. Step 2: Install bypass bracket After the header board has been secured, level and attach the bypass brackets using lag bolts and flat washers. Slide the bolt through the hole and mount the rolling hardware before drilling the bottom hole. Once your doors are installed and hung, you can find peace of mind that the quality hardware will hold and the doors will slide and glide smoothly.

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My Sample Room. Enter your email Continue.I can show you how to make sliding barn door track hardware!! Not that I would do that. One by one. Door gorgeousness. Have you checked out door track hardware that others share on Pinterest?

I hope you have a few extra minutes to brush your hair today. Have you seen how many stunning doors are out there are in salvage yards, garage sales, repurpose shops, AND your neighbours garage?! Such a good idea!

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If I can do it, and my pals can do it, then, my friend… you can do it too!! It is completely do-able and you will save a boat load of moola. Why did I decide to create a simple door track made of simple, rustic materials?! I double dare you to google it. Do you want to know how to make the door tracks with wooden wheels? What are the benefits of using an old doors? They are perfect for creating door art beauty in your home.

They are just oh so beautiful. That would just be embarrassing. I put in a ton of photos for you to stare at so you know exactly what they look like. Sample from the Ebook …. Each bracket is 12 inches long and has an offset bend at the wheel. I pinky swear promise. We use our extra flat rod to create door stop. This prevents your door from flying off your track.

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Been there. Done that. Got the poster.I wish I had a video recording of the moment Adam and I got them all installed and stepped back to look at them, because it would be quite entertaining.

For the doors to overlap each other and the closet they have to be really wide…we probably should have added another foot to each door. In order for the doors to pass each other two guide rails had to be installed. We made everything as compact and close to the wall as possible, but that still left the outer door almost six inches off the wall. In some rooms this might be okay, but considering the placement of our on the same wall as the entry door it looked…dumb.

So dumb. I should have recorded that noise too, so that everyone could experience the horror. Bananas are gross. Anyway, we removed the barn doors and hardware and put the old doors that I took off years ago back up. Good thing! I still love barn doors and we have five planned for the new house. Yup, you guessed it…barn door hardware. The real thing. It is beautiful! And so LOUD and obnoxious to close we never do so. I used a metal pipe and hung curtains on it with metal curtain rings and even THAT sound is super grading on my nerves.

It is nuts how expensive barn door hardware is. I am wondering if I could use bipass closet door hardware and build a cornice around it. After all, my fixation is with the door, not the hardware.

So if I mounted a ledge to the wall that I put the sliding track on the bottom of and then built a box around the ledge to hide the boring hardware and added some molding… Is there something about this plan that is an immediately obvious fail?In some areas of the country we see more damage than acceptable when kits doors are shipped unassembled in a ground shipping box, so it is possible that a kit door may ship in a crate via a freight carrier so that your beautiful door arrives without damage.

If shipped put together in a crate the overlays will be left to be installed on site. Many Rustica door kits have the same options as the recommended Rustica assembled doors but are offered with a more economical price.

It is possible that your kit door may come unassembled and need to be assembled using the 7 inch lag screws through the side of the stiles. For both Kit and Assembled doors A few styles, including the same day shipping styles, offer fixed lengths of track, but the majority of the systems we offer allow you to cut to the inch.

Most of our hardware styles work with our patented adjustable spacers. We offer 3 sizes and the size shipped is determined by the thickness of the door. Typically the standard stops are all that is needed, especially if you order the track to the exact length that you need. However, sometimes there are unique installations that benefit from an adjustable stop which can be placed virtually anywhere on the track. Your order is processing Please do not press the back button or refresh the page.

Free shipping applies to most products. Interior Wood Doors.

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Wood Front Doors. Home Decor. Office Desks. Office Furniture. Shown in our Brushed Steel finish. Click here for shipping and lead time information. Optional Name or Location.

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Conversion Assistant. Rustica Unassembled Kit Door Guide 1.Scroll to the bottom of this post and I will share a company that has an amazing selection for you to choose from.

You see I have plans for this room!

Bypass Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

Lay all of your Pine tongue and groove out. I would purchase a few extra just in case you make a mistake. I remolded our guest bathroom using tongue and groove which can be seen here. Give it a quick sand using fine grit sandpaper, spray off dust with an air hose if you have one and then wipe with a tack cloth.

Sanding is optional, but I did this just in case I ever wanted to paint them in the future. Then condition with Minwax Pre-Stain. This will help ensure an even coat when staining. Stain your wood. It is much easier to do this prior to building the door. I found a company called Rusticroodesigns on Instagram that lists all the stain colors they use for their doors and fell in love with this combo.

Let me tell you, the install directions were less than stellar.

Bypass Sliding Barn Door Hardware Kit

A couple of nights before we installed the doors we put the hardware kit together and mounted it. The double bypass kit is much larger than a standard single sliding door kit and therefore you need a larger piece of wood. Install the header. The 6 lags bolts you see below were an additional purchase that went directly into the studs.

Install the outside rail. The majority if these did not go into the studs, that is why we used the additional 6 Lag bolts.

On the far left and right you can see the rollers, from there we were able to determine that the door needed to be Using 8 pieces for the face of the door, you want to make sure you rip the tongue off the far left piece and also rip the groove off the far right piece so they are flat. If you have trouble putting the pieces together try sliding them in from the bottom. Then I secured it with a nail gun. The reason you do not cut off the bottom piece groove when you are framing is that is what the floor guide slides through.

Two guides come with the hardware kit. Remember when I said to learn from my mistakes and to put all your wood together at the store first? Well as you can see here some of my wood was not straight and I had to head back to Lowes to get some more for the second door.

I know I could do this myself, but I did not have extra wood to practice on nor the patience. Well, I have fixed that! We were also able to use the first angled piece as a guide to mark and cut the rest, but the saw angles had to be adjusted.BUT we — yes, the Mister lent a hand for this one — kept chugging along and made it to the end. The door to the closet was removed a few years back when revamping the space to maximize on shelf area.

I had anticipated using a reclaimed door, so the hunt was on. Brought the door home. Went to sand it but it was an old door, and we assumed it was lead paint. So we stripped the door using a liquid stripper. We painted over the door to seal it. In the end we used the hinged door that was originally used for this opening. The width is not ideal, but it works. Using their cutting machine, they were able to cut the long pipe to fit my exact length.

For large plumbing pipe projects like a bookcase, this is a great source. Noteconnecting the pipes can be slightly challenging. I anticipated screwing each connection the entire way so no threading would be exposed. That is impossible. Account for that when taking measurements. I added two caster wheels to the bottom of the door.

Plumbing pipe will bend under tension.

bypass barn door hardware diy

The wheels support the door and the track keeps the door in place. Using 1. The nipple fittings held on by the tee fittings slide into the holes in the top of the door.

The drilled holes are just slightly larger than the nipples so they fit snug, BUT the door can easily come out any time.In total, we built 4 double bypass barn doors, as well as 2 other single doors. And yes, all of the 4 bypass barn doors pictured above are fully functional doors none are fixed.

Single Track Bypass Barn Door Project

There are many different ways to build barn doors but the process simply breaks down into two parts: First is the hardware track, hangers, fasteners etc. Second is the door usually a backer board plus trim. After building 6 doors, we became veryyyy good at this process.

For some context, it took us four full days to build the first four doors, but the second two doors we fully built and painted and hung in less than ONE day! I chose to do repeating and reversing chevron pattern across all four of our barn doors. So, each door alone was asymmetrical but once all the doors were hung side-by-side, they created a chevron pattern. However, we chose a single track double bypass hardware system, so our final design is shown below.

All 4 doors we built on our bypass track are fully functional none of them are fixed in place so each of them lead somewhere and each of them can be opened by sliding in front or behind each other. Each of the doors is actually different than the other.

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If you choose to do one barn door alone, or two barn doors just beside each other without the ability to slide behind each otherthen you have two options:. If you choose to do bypass barn doors as we did meaning that the doors can slide in front of or behind each otherthen you have two options:. So, we chose to do a single rail bypass system with all 4 barn doors hanging off one track. If you plan to stain them instead, then you will need to use real wood trim. Note 1: these instructions can apply to any barn door design that is a combination of a backer board and trim on top, so these instructions are adaptable to many different barn door styles other than our design.

Note 2: we pre-painted all individual pieces before assembly. Pre-painting is just my personal preference, but not necessary. Furthermore, due to the overlap, the total width of the doors no longer covers the total width of the track duh, right?

Let me show you what I mean:. So, here was our solution:. This is how we did it.

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We just purchased two new single tracks like these: Amazon Home Depot so it was a bumpy ride but it all worked out in the end. I really hope this all makes sense and is helpful for anyone thinking about building bypass doors!

For more of our tutorials, click here. For sources from our basement, click here.


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